June 11, 2018

Like father, like son. This Father’s Day, it’s time to shift focus to the famous father-son duos who are as good in the board room as they are in their family life.

These pairs know what it takes to build an empire, work together, and create that unbreakable father-son business pact the world looks up to.

Here’s some worthy Father’s Day inspiration that proves it’s never too late to make two of the greatest minds in a home work together!

Anil And Jai Anmol Ambani

Anil-And-Jai-Anmol-Ambani_Father-Son Business Partners

When you think of Anil Ambani, the first thing that comes to mind is the Reliance Group. And just like any father running a business would envision his child joining him, his son, Jai Anmol Ambani forayed into the business in 2014. And it was only an upward rise since. In 2017, the young business magnate became the Executive Director of Reliance Capital. And the proud father couldn’t be happier!

William Henry And Bill Gates

William-Henry-And-Bill-Gates_Father-Son Business Partners

Most of us equate Bill Gates to the Microsoft Corporation. But there is another project that the industrialist and his father, William H. Gates proactively run. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has Bill’s father, William H. Gates, as the Co-Chairman. Both father and son are extremely passionate about the project that is aimed at helping the underprivileged and improving healthcare globally. Indeed, there’s nothing more heart-warming than seeing father and son businesses like theirs, working to change lives for the better!

Rupert And Lachlan Murdoch

Rupert-And-Lachlan-Murdoch_Father-Son Business Partners

The number of times we’ve spotted one of the popular 21st Century Fox labels – 20th Century Fox, at a movie screening is nearly countless. And the man behind it all is Rupert Murdoch, the owner of the successful corporation. The big industry name reached a milestone when Rupert’s son Lachlan Murdoch was named the Executive Chairman in the year 2015. Indeed, the mass media corporation has places to go, thanks to the exceptionally smart father-son duo!

Parth And Sajjan Jindal

Parth-And-Sajjan-Jindal_Father-Son Business Partners

Sajjan Jindal is the Chairman and Managing Director of the JSW Group, a massive multi-billion conglomerate. His son, Parth Jindal has followed in the business magnate’s footsteps and is currently heading JSW Cement as its Managing Director. To add to his list of achievements, he is also the CEO of Bengaluru FC which is owned by the JSW Group. Together, the father-son duo have big dreams for JSW, which has already diversified across sectors like steel, energy, and infrastructure.

These dynamic father and son business success stories are truly exemplary. Whether they win or lose, they do it together. Check out our men’s casual, blazers and suits collection to match steps with these business icons. Get inspired this Father’s Day!

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