Men’s Athleisure Trends 101
September 18, 2018

Some years ago, walking out in your gym clothes may certainly have seemed like a fashion faux pas. Fortunately, you’ve lived through the rise of sportswear, into not just plain weekend fashion, but much more!

Everything from the humble pair of gym track pants to the snug hooded sweatshirt have suddenly earned high fashion status.

Your everyday gym track pants and hoodie has found its fashion calling in athleisure wear, a contemporary term for garments that pair the functionality of sportswear and the wearability of everyday clothes. The result of this revolutionary shift is a fashion segment that incorporates the best of athletic detailing with the finesse of regular clothing. Think – trousers with athletic stripes!

Athleisure is at its peak this season and it’s time you took a cue from the best fashion highpoints of this trend!

Co-ord-Tracksuits_Athleisure Trends For Men


Co-ord Tracksuits – Athleisure styling has travelled back to the 80s and 90s, when co-ord tracksuit sets were at their prime. Remember the smooth, nylon constructions that were a big hit then? They’re in vogue again and haven’t lost their vintage touch. From the classic stripes, to the slightly baggy appearance, to the smooth finishing, if you still have them in your wardrobe, good for you!

Bomber Jacket And Joggers_Athleisure Trends For Men


Bomber Jacket And Track Joggers – Here’s athleisure styling made easy. Simply slip into your comfy track joggers and your favourite tee. The look may seem a little rough on the edges. But wait until you throw over that slick bomber! Punch in some extra sportiness with a pair of sneakers.

Trousers, T-Shirt And The Fanny Pack_Athleisure Trends For Men


Trousers, T-Shirt And The Fanny Pack – Although the round neck t-shirt may seem too mainstream, this basic piece holds much promise. Simple as it is, it does a commendable job without screaming from the rooftops. A perfect example of its functionality is the casual trouser-t-shirt-fanny pack combination. The t-shirt serves as a subtle element to highlight other aspects of your outfit, like the printed pants or the snazzy little fanny pack! Try a crew neck or sporty polo tee to nail the look.

Casual Trousers, Hoodie And The Zippered Jacket_Athleisure Trends For Men


Casual Trousers, Hoodie And The Zippered Jacket  – The success of athleisure fashion has much to do with experimentation, like this winning look. Comprising a zippered jacket worn over a printed sweatshirt for men, the get-up teaches us some lessons in layering. Finish off this athleisure look by slipping into your casual chinos and a pair of grandpa sneakers.

Shorts And The Baseball Shirt_Athleisure Trends For Men


Shorts And The Baseball Shirt – Baseball shirts have been around for a long time, but with athleisure being one of the season’s highlights, the popularity of this trend has seen an upward rise. The best way to style this sporty shirt is with a pair of shorts. Wear it buttoned up or layer it with your solid tee. The highlights of this look remain the vintage-style buttons placket and the bold logos and printed text. Add a pair of white sneakers to reinforce the sporty vibe!

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