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Travel Light With The Right Luggage

January 11, 2020

Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a month-long-trip, choosing the right luggage can make a world of difference to your overall trip experience. While everybody prefers to travel light, we often end-up over packing, only to selectively pick, choose, and drop items till we are able to force-close the luggage. It does not have to be this way.

Paying attention to the size, safety features, sturdiness, and layout can help you travel light. Here are some proven travel hacks that can help you shop for the right luggage.


Right Size_travel light


When it comes to buying luggage, perhaps the most important consideration is about the size, which generally depends on the duration and the nature of the trip.

If you want to travel light during a weekend trip, consider a cabin bag (ones totalling about 40 inches), for it offers just enough room and a world of convenience. Cabin bags, small trolley bags, hiking bags, and backpacks are ideal for small gateways.

If you are planning a longer trip, please don’t try to cram things into a cabin bag – you certainly need something bigger. Consider trolley bags that are available in many sizes. Online luggage sellers generally list these in terms of centimetres (this refers to the height of the luggage).


Safety_travel light


During any trip, you probably are not the only one managing your luggage. It goes through multiple handlers, checkpoints, scanners, and conveyors. It gets dumped, dragged, pressurized, and wheeled. Ensure that your luggage offers best-in-class safety for your kind of travel.

Features like waterproof exteriors, sturdy zippers, a failproof combination locking system, and heavy-duty retractable handles are the bare essentials for any luggage you buy. In addition, you can look for tamper-proof locks, secured compartments, additional safety belts, elastic cords, etc. to keep your luggage safe.


Durability_travel light


For most of us, our luggage is timeless. In fact, a true wanderer carries his or her luggage as proof of all the expeditions – adorned by passport stamps, testimony to its many successful conquests!

To make this possible, you cannot compromise on the durability of the luggage you buy. Be careful about the material (you can choose a soft or hard material), the zippers, and the handles – these are the common problem areas. Go for branded products that offer an elegant yet robust built and come with a performance guarantee.


Spacing_travel light


Travelling light does not always mean that you need to choose what to carry and what stuff to leave behind. In fact, to be able to pack all the important things while remaining organised is a travel hack you must master.

Do this by considering the spacing and layout of the luggage you plan to buy. Start by listing down the must-carry items. Consider their size and shape and shop for luggage that can easily accommodate these things.

Travelling light is as much of a science as an art. We hope these travel hacks help you make all the right luggage choices. When travel planning becomes a breeze, you automatically travel light!

These tips will help you pick the right luggage for your next getaway!


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