July 19, 2018

Make no qualms about giving up your regular jeans, there’s a new trend on the block! Boyfriend jeans seem to be stealing all the limelight and we’re not surprised why.

This street style staple, we have to admit, is one of the best crossovers from the men’s fashion department. Slightly baggy, cuffed, and ripped to a rugged finish, you won’t have complaints when it comes to comfort. This one promises a fit you’ve been longing to see for a long time. Give it a relaxed vibe with your basic tee or upgrade to boardroom level with a blazer; this one yields to every look almost effortlessly!

Find out why this trend has the world talking; care for a style tour? Get onboard!

Fabulous In Basics_Styling Boyfriend Jeans

Source: notorious-mag.com

Fabulous In Basics – The basic style bible dictates that you must have a solid white t-shirt. This wardrobe classic makes styling a pair of boyfriend jeans for women so much more effortless. What makes this combination so perfect though? You could blame it on the cool blue-white contrast or the worn-out frayed detailing. Either way, this look is for keeps!

Striped Glory_Styling Boyfriend Jeans

Source: wefashiontrends.com

Striped Glory – Speaking of timeless looks, stripes remain everyone’s favourite. Just like their classic counterpart, the white tee, striped tops lend more to your regular pair of boyfriend jeans than you expect. Together, they are refinement personified. Opt for the tried and tested blue stripes tops or experiment with bright tones of pink, red, and yellow. Pumps are the way to go if you’re looking to give this casual look a status upgrade!

The Double Denim Take_Styling Boyfriend Jeans

Source: mgcsm.org

The Double Denim Trend – ‘Off-the-rack’, ‘fresh for experimenting’ should certainly be the signature label attached to any pair of boyfriend jeans for women. It is so versatile that you can even pull off the double denim trend in an almost innocuous manner, without really overdoing it. The key to styling it right is avoiding jeans and jackets in the same wash. Try sporting darker jeans and a lighter denim top or jacket to do complete justice to this look!

Crop Top Twist_Styling Boyfriend Jeans

Source: stylecaster.com

Crop Top Twist – While boyfriend jeans for women work wonderfully with street style ensembles, you can certainly vouch for its ability to fit into decidedly feminine looks too. Give it a try by pairing a crop top and boyfriend jeans and watch the transformation. Build on the look with a statement clutch and a pair of kitten heels.

Refinement Redefined_Styling Boyfriend Jeans

Source: bloglovin.com

Refinement Redefined – It’s simply amazing what boyfriend jeans with blazer combo could do. Quite effortlessly, this match treads the line between casual and formal. The look certainly has a nod from the fashion critics for its ability to blend two styles that are poles apart. Slip into a pair of pumps and you won’t hesitate to pull off this look even in the boardroom!

How to style boyfriend jeans for girls? You’ve got your answer! Get started with a wardrobe upgrade.

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