September 11, 2017

Blessed with the frequent rain showers, all the plants are alive and thriving. The green of the leaves and the rainbow coloured blooms, simply make the view more beautiful than it ever was. It is the best time to sit with a glass of wine and simply watch the rain splash down upon the ground. Or maybe even host a dinner party  overlooking your balcony or backyard. Scroll down for some neat DIY tips to create your little paradise

Light it Up with Mason Jar Lanterns
Candles might be clichéd, but you can’t possibly doubt the serenity they bring. But a little touch of creativity can take those candles to a whole new level. Rather than simply lighting candles try putting them in glass jars You can add anything in those jars to personalize them. Fill the jar with pebbles, shells, or even sand before placing a candle inside it. You can hang it up or just place them in a way that they light up the path and there you have it – a comfy, romantic feel with a flourish of ingenuity!

Add a Sparkle with Modern Day Chandeliers
Chandeliers are made for elegant home decor. Whether you have the luxury of a spacious backyard or a balcony, hanging one up can instantly turn around the look and feel of your home. Now comes the twist; instead of the same old bulbs holders, replace them with wine glass You have the choice of placing candles inside those, or with a little help from your electrician, you can connect tiny LED lights within the wine glass holder.

Vertical Garden for the Crates
If you are living the city life, you might be tied up for space. But worry not, the vertical garden is the perfect solution for you. With everyday items such as wooden fruit crates, step stools or even ladders, it’s possible to create a lovely vertical garden. Clean them up, paint them your favourite colour and repurpose them as the equipment that forms your balcony garden. Your peaceful nook is all nice and ready!

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