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Suit Up In Style

October 12, 2019

Bell bottoms ruled the 80s, baggy pants were the highlight of the 90s, and cropped trousers have become popular among men’s fashion trends of 2019, but when it comes to smart menswear, nothing beats a tailored suit. Formal menswear has evolved tremendously from the extravagant tailcoat tuxedos of the 20s to the fitted vests and double-breasted blazers of today. There is a plethora of suiting options available that will let the contemporary man stand tall, and without further ado, here’s a list of dos and don’ts that will ensure your power suit is on point.

Start With The Right Fabric

Start With the Right Fabric

Men’s fashion trends are as much about comfort as they are about style. The fabric of the suit should be in line with the season- linen and cotton suits are ideal for the summer while cashmere and blended fabrics are more suitable for the winter.

Apart from knowing your fabric, invest in colors. If you do decide to stray away from the quintessential blue and gray, try colors like pink, mustard, emerald green and brighter shades of blue. The whole pleasure of wearing a suit lies in how a man wears it. So while stick to basic rules like less is more, don’t shy away from bespoke classics that are not ‘standard’.

Know Your Button Etiquette

Know Your Button Etiquette

Did you know that the last button of your suit should always be left unbuttoned? Yes, always! This tradition began in the early 1900s, when King Edward VII was unable to button up the last button after gaining weight. To avoid offending him, his courtiers and other noblemen began leaving their last button undone, which eventually became a part of men’s fashion trends.

Moving on, here’s a suiting rule rooted to more practical reasons- your buttons should be unfastened when you are sitting down; this helps avoid spoiling your suit and improves the aesthetics. That being said, you should always button the shirt at the top to maintain a sharp look.


Shoulder Fit

A good suit ranks high on men’s fashion trends in 2019, and the best fit comes when the shoulders of the jacket are correctly positioned on your shoulders. A well-fitted suit is the one where you can easily slip a hand between your chest and the buttoned-up jacket. So whether you are investing in a tailor-made piece or picking off the rack, always ensure that your suit rests perfectly on your shoulders.

Another cardinal rule to remember is that there should be no gap between the collar of your shirt and the collar of your coat. This is the mark of a perfectly tailored suit.

Choose The Right Socks

Choose The Right Socks

Your socks should always cover your legs. While the latest men’s fashion trends may be celebrating cropped trousers, that does not mean you pair them with your ankle length sports socks. All the effort you took to suit-up in style will be in vain if your ankles or legs are exposed. Always wear longer socks to avoid this faux pas, especially when it involves men’s work fashion.

Tie-it Up

Tie It Up

Wearing the perfectly done tie is immensely satisfying, so give yourself the chance to revel in it. The tip of the tie should fall just above the buckle of your belt. If you’re wearing a tie bar (or clip), make sure it is not wider than the tie itself. It can be a little tricky to achieve that look, but as the age old adage goes, practice makes a man perfect! While it is customary to pick a tie that matches the shade or print of the shirt you are wearing, modern men’s fashion trends in 2019 provide you with the liberty to wear ties of contrasting colours and prints so that it stands out. Experiment with different ways of tying the knot so that you find your personal style!

Pocket Square

Pocket Square

Pocket square rules involve never pairing a dark suit with a matching or another dark coloured pocket square. Remember, a small piece of clothing can add to your overall look tremendously, so ensure that your pocket squares are always well-ironed.

Match The Add-Ons

Match The Add Ons

Wearing different coloured belts and shoes are a strict no-no. A brown belt and black shoes or vice versa are one of the most common suiting mistakes that can ruin your entire look. Another point to keep in mind is that if you are wearing a leather strapped watch, ensure that it matches the other accessories too.

It is best to match the shade of your shoes with your belt instead of wearing different colours. While belts look great by adding an extra oomph to the outfit, it is shoes that bring life to the entire ensemble. It’s all about decoding a simple design in classic styles like a brogue, loafer, or a plain dark derby. 

Another tip to remember is the shape of the toe of the shoe. Go for classic rounded toes as they are more comfortable for a long day instead of square or pointed toes. 

Don’t Over-Accessorise

Don't Over Accessorize

Accessories are good, as long as you don’t go overboard with them. Your suit is enough to stamp a clean and sophisticated look, so go minimal with accessories. Remember, less is more.

To add an elegant air to your outfit, choose a good pair of cufflinks. For everyday use, choose ones that are small and unobtrusive so that they don’t hinder your daily work.

Know Your Shirts 

The Ultimate Guide To Suiting Up In Style

If there was only one rule to remember when wearing a suit, it would be ‘well-pressed’. It may sound absurd, but the secret behind making your shirt look expensive is making sure it is well-ironed and crease-free. Make sure the middle line and collar of the shirt is always well-pressed.

When wearing a tie, always opt for collared shirts that sit comfortably under the suit’s jacket. Another rule that you must remember is the cuffs of your shirt should never cover your hands. If it does, it means you are wearing the wrong size.

Learn How To Bend Rules 

The Ultimate Guide To Suiting Up In Style

With so many versatile styles and modern fabrics, temptations come easy. But the key to acing a solid look is to know how and when to bend the norms. For men who like playing around with formals, suspenders look great and hoist up trousers better than a belt. However, ensure you don’t wear both at the same time! 

Similarly, play with the colors of your shirt. But if you do opt for a light pastel one in summer ensure you are wearing appropriate innerwear to absorb any sweat. The last thing anyone wants to see is sweat marks on your suit. 

Staying With The Trends

Staying With The Trends

Suits are a great choice for any occasion that demands you bring out that dapper look. The changes in the style and rules of suiting signify how society and fashion influence each other. While some places provide you with the freedom to experiment and add your own unique touch to your attire, there are others where it’s wiser to play by the rule-book. However, it isn’t only about wearing a suit. There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes. The key to a great formal look is paying attention to the detail and fit of the suit.

  • At Work

While at work, you need to practice and preach professionalism, and men’s work fashion is a reflection of this. And nothing depicts professionalism in your personality better than a classic pinstriped suit. It’s the perfect fit for any personnel, be it a banker or a fashionable entrepreneur who wants to dress it up for an important pitch.

However, it is important to refrain from too much contrast when dressing for work. A clean and sophisticated suit in dark colours will do the talking for you.

  • ·Wedding Reception

Unlike men’s work fashion, this is one of those places where you can experiment with your fabrics, pattern, cut, and accessories. It’s the perfect occasion to dress in a smart yet modish suit instead of the usual prints and colours. Opt for a navy blue suit with a white shirt and red tie, and complete the look with a pair of brown Oxford shoes.

  • Formal Dinner

For a formal dinner, a black tuxedo makes for an amazing choice. A black suit along with a white dress shirt, a waist-coat and a bow tie totally steals the show. Pair them with black shoes to achieve this flawless look.

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