The Ultimate Shopping Guide For Cancerians
July 19, 2019

Zodiac signs don’t just reflect our personalities- they also determine which colour can bring out the best in us. According to astrology, to draw energy from your zodiac sign, you need to use the colour associated with your zodiac sign. Such colours can resonate with a person’s aura to help them be calmer in their everyday lives.  Since July is the month of Cancerians, let’s discuss which colour is best suited for them:

Cancer: June 20 – July 22

White and silver are the colours for Cancer. White depicts the purity if a Cancerian while silver stands for their tough exterior, much like the crab, which is the symbol for Cancer.

Cancerians have an attractive and charismatic personality; hence, silver is an ideal colour for them. However, they are also sensitive, kind, caring, compassionate, sympathetic and tolerant. White matches these aspects of their personality. Since the moon controls Cancer, the colour white can keep Cancerians on the right path, according to astrology.

Cancerians are creative; they have good intuition and are imaginative. White and silver enhance the understanding and sensitivity of Cancerians. It also releases stress and calms their mind. It is also believed that white helps Cancerians use their wisdom in decision-making.

White Is The Right Choice

Cancerians are known to be highly sensitive and hence go through a lot of emotional turmoil. They tend to overthink and worry too much. According to Astrology, Cancerians can benefit from wearing white, as it is found to alleviate their emotional pain and offer peace and comfort.

Women can wear white dresses, sarees, kurtis, jackets, pants, skirts and look really stylish. White is classy and elegant and is never too dull for any occasion. Wearing accessories and footwear in bright colours such as red, orange, blue along with a white outfit can make it stand out.

Cancerians love to stay comfortable and cosy. White is a soothing colour and is apt for them. Women can wear a white shrug, sweater or even a lacy coat to include this colour as part of their outfit.

Men can also wear anything they want in white, from shirts, pants, jeans to even white shoes. They can also sport a white jacket or belt while sporting a dark coloured outfit. For an ethnic look, a white kurta paired with a vibrant Nehru jacket can look chic. For those who prefer wearing formals, a white suit can help them stand out from the crowd. They can also add a touch of white to their everyday outfit by sporting a white tie or bowtie.

A Cancerian’s Home

Cancerians are extremely gentle, friendly and calm. Hence, they want their room to exude the same aura and be cosy and comfortable. Their warm personality is reflected in the setting of their home; through warm lights, lamp shades, candles and plants.

Since Cancerians are quite sensitive, pastel colours help in keeping them calm. They can go for pastel coloured curtains, bedsheets, pillowcases and sofas. Colours such as light yellow, pink, violet, white, peach and cream can induce a relaxing effect on their mind after a hectic day.

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