Tips To Ensure You Have Waterproof Makeup
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Waterproof Makeup Tips

July 11, 2019

Rain, sweat, tears and water are natural enemies of makeup- and we’ve all been frustrated with runny makeup that could end up making us look like a clown. Thankfully, waterproof makeup is here to ensure that you look spectacular all day. Here’s our edit for the best waterproof makeup products and tips to always keep your makeup fresh and intact!

Primer Is Of Prime Importance

Hydrate your face with a moisturiser and apply a primer before getting started with other cosmetics. Make sure you apply the primer evenly across the face. Setting sprays and primers not only protect your skin but also ensure that the makeup lasts all day.

Waterproof Base

Use waterproof makeup products such as foundations and concealers which contain SPF, especially during summers. The waterproof base will absorb the excess oil secreted by your skin and will also repel water.

If you prefer using powder instead of a liquid foundation, opt for a pressed and super matte powder. Such a powder will work as a sponge and keep away water and sweat from your face.

Cheek Stain

A blush stick or a cheek stain is one of the best waterproof makeup products that you should have in your makeup kit. Applying just a touch of blush will make you look youthful and radiant. Powered blush might fade away or blotch due to water, but cheek stains are waterproof and last until it is removed using a makeup remover.

Perfect Eyes

Use a waterproof mascara to keep your lashes intact. Instead of a liquid liner, go for a kajal or kohl pencil that is waterproof so that it doesn’t smudge. Cream eyeshadows last longer than powders, also pick one that is water resistant for the best waterproof makeup look.

Make sure to seal your brows! Water can make your eyebrows go haywire, so keep them in shape by using a colourless wax pencil. You can also colour and shape them with waterproof makeup products such as a waterproof brow pencil.

Matte Lipstick

Apply a layer of lip balm and moisturise your lips before applying lipstick. Try to avoid lip gloss and shiny lipsticks as they are not ideal waterproof makeup products. Instead use matte lipsticks, as they are dry and don’t wear off quickly. Matte lipsticks stay on your lips despite rain and sweat. Also, use a lipliner as it will help in defining the shape of your lips and prevent your lipstick from bleeding.

Safe Makeup Removal

Since waterproof makeup products are heavier than regular cosmetics, it might be hard to take them off. Use an oil-based makeup remover or soak a cotton pad in micellar water to wipe off the tough makeup. Post this, apply a layer of hydrating gel or some aloe vera gel to nourish your skin and prevent it from turning dry.

With the best waterproof makeup products available at Shoppers Stop, make sure that you are set to look your best in all situations and under any weather condition!

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