June 10, 2019

Father’s Day is almost upon us and if you are one of those who are still looking for a good gift, it is time to buckle up and get serious. Since we aren’t very ahead of you we thought we’ll divide our ideas and figure it out. As my dad’s only daughter I always feel like treating him to a nice gift on Father’s day and practically drive everyone else up the wall asking for ideas. The dilemma of what to gift has always haunted me and many other friends of mine. Finally I generally end up buying something offhand. This year though I and some friends sat down to make a list of what we can buy for our dads. Here’s the trick – we figured out what types of Dads we have and decided to  get gifts accordingly.

If your dads have the following personality type you should definitely consider gifting them these.

The Traveller Dad




THE TRAVELLER DAD – If you have a dad who travels a lot for work then get him a quirky shirt that he’ll love for sure. Shoes, more specifically a nice pair of loafers make for a good gift. They are not only comfortable but also easy to carry around and more importantly will go with anything he wears. If you have a budget on a higher end then gift him a pair of cool clubmasters from Ray Ban.

The Chilled Out Dad




THE CHILLED – OUT DAD – Gifting for dads who have retired or work from home or are generally cool with anything is the easiest. Make him feel like he’s on a vacation even while mowing the backyard. This printed t-shirt makes for a perfect gift in such cases. Gift him a coffee mug such as this one to start off his mornings on a good note. You can gift him a nice hat to carry for your beachy family holiday as well.

The Sports Enthusiast Dad





THE SPORTS ENTHUSIAST DAD – Does he worship cricket or a football? Is he a fitness freak himself? Well, all the things above make good gifts for a dad who does not miss his exercise even for one day. A good t-shirt for him to wear for a walk, trainers for a jog and a cool water bottle for when he feels thirsty after a good workout. Don’t they make for just amazing gifts?

The Well Groomed Dad 



THE WELL GROOMED DAD – Most of us love it when dads make efforts to look smart. If you have that type of a dad, one who is always impeccably dressed whether to office or at home then you might want to consider these gifts. A vest for him to wear in meetings and a shirt to wear underneath it. If you choose not to gift him apparel then go for a perfume with a strong and masculine scent. A pair of classy brogues or silver cufflinks will also do the trick.

So does that make things easier for you? Whatever you gift, we are sure your dad will love it! If you think you are too late then give him a quick Gift Voucher so that he can buy what he wants!


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