March 2, 2020

The power of aromatherapy to invigorating one’s home is a concept that has been around for thousands of years. Various cultures- from the ancient Chinese, Indian and Egyptians have included aromatic plant components in balms and oils, to be used for religious and medicinal purposes. Even today, aromatherapy is widely used to promote health and healing of various ailments such as insomnia, depression and high blood pressure. And in the stressful times that we live in, getting a whiff of these exotic scents will energize your mood and ensure your well-being. Let’s find out how –

Beat The Monday Blues With Some Citrusy Goodness

Citrus fruits are often glorified for their ability to boost vitamin C levels significantly. However, did you know that simply getting a whiff of orange, lemon or grapefruit can work better to ward off your Monday blues than a good ol’ cup of coffee? Light a citrus-scented candle or diffuse a mixture of citrus essential oils to experience the benefits of their citrusy goodness.

Sleep Tight With A Whiff Of Lavender

We all can relate to the frustration that comes with the inability to fall asleep easily. There’s nothing worse than coming to bed early, only to twist and turn through the night and wake up feeling more tired. However, lavender can calm your mind and put it to sleep almost instantly. You can either use it in a potpourri with other dried herbs such as roses and jasmine, or you can diffuse the essential oil in a ceramic or an electric diffuser of your choice and voila! You’re all set to drift into the land of sweet dreams.

Perk Yourself Up With The Scent Of Vanilla

Vanilla may have a reputation for being bland, but when it comes to elevating your mood, it is quite the opposite. The warm, strong aroma of the vanilla bean is capable of transforming your mood from sad to glad! Moreover, its antioxidant nature is also helpful in protecting against infections. So, give this underrated herb a chance to improve your happiness levels. You can do this by using vanilla scented candles or simply diffusing the essential oil in either an ultrasonic diffuser or a ceramic one.

Increase Your Attention Span With Peppermint

In today’s day and age of haste, you might often find yourself in a constant state of restlessness. This restlessness can turn into an inability to concentrate at work. But getting a whiff of peppermint can help you concentrate, even during times of stress and mental fatigue. Simply use the peppermint essential oil in a diffuser and let it work its magic.

Allow The Medicinal Tea Tree To Boost Your Immunity

This miracle herb can not only keep insomnia at bay but promote healing and relaxation throughout your body, acting as a watchdog for your immune system. Use the tea tree room spray to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and mold from the environment in a non-toxic way. You can even use a tea tree body mist or essential oil in order to stay protected all day long.

Bid Stress Adieu With the Exotic Fragrance Of Amber

The rich and rare scent of aromatherapy – amber – is especially helpful in relieving anxiety and stress. Plus, resin has important active ingredients like succinic acid, a natural antibiotic and antioxidant that protects cells from degeneration to kickstart your brain. All you need to do is diffuse the essential oil and savour the many benefits this exotic tree resin brings.

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