Winter Bed Making Tips To Lend A Comfy Touch To Your Bedroom
November 30, 2018

Winter is officially here and while we’re busy prepping our homes to make them look warm and inviting for the season, we shouldn’t forget what matters the most. Remember? Days get shorter and nights get longer in winter. Yes, your bedroom is exactly what we’re pointing towards. It should be prepped up such that your slumber sessions go uninterrupted.

Make your bed the highlight of your winter bedroom prep with tips and hacks that are tried and tested for the season.

Opt For Sheets In Warm Materials

Opt for Sheets In Warm Materials_Winter Bed Making Tips


Needless to say, when it comes to bed making tips, it all starts with the bedsheets. Let’s say, tucking in during chilly winter night will only get cosier if your bedroom includes sheets and duvets made from snug materials like soft fleece and flannel. If a luxe touch is what you’re looking to give your bedroom, you can even opt for rich silk. To sync in with the winter vibes, you can even turn around the colour palette by skipping summertime whites and sky blues for deep berry and navy blue tones. Follow this winter bed making hack and see the difference!

Add Layers To Your Bed

Add Layers To Your Bed_Winter Bed Making Tips


The more the merrier should be your mantra when it comes to prepping your bed with sheets and comforters this season. Because it seems layering isn’t just helpful when styling our winter looks, it applies to your bedroom too! Adding sheets of varying thickness creates an insulating effect, thus, subtly heating up your bed by creating warm air pockets. Start by enveloping a thin blanket between two snug sheets and you’re bed is all set for a good night’s slumber. This bed making tip is sure to have you in good stead!

Pick A Bed Throw That Complements Your Personal Style

Pick A Bed Throw That Complements Your Personal Style_Winter Bed Making Tips


While your sheets will create warmth, leave it up to a luxurious throw to lend that personality (with some more warmth…) to your bed. Since the throw is the topmost layer and that final finishing touch on your bed, make sure it adds to the inviting appeal. Opt for throws crafted from soft fleece, thick knits, regal velvet, or luxe satin and watch the difference it makes. Think – coming back after a hot shower and cuddling with your favourite knit throw to read a book. Makes for the perfect way to wrap up a winter evening. Don’t take this bed making hack too lightly, it’s sure to do wonders, we promise!

Choose Warm, Cosy Fillings For Duvets And Comforters

Choose Warm, Cosy Fillings For Duvets And Comforters_Winter Bed Making Tips


Here’s one effective bed making tip – Did you know the right kind of filling could amp up the snug factor of your comforters and duvets? Get started with your prep by putting aside your summer cottons for comfy filled duvets and comforters. Ones containing soft feathers and wool effectively works against nature’s thermostat to keep you and your bed warm. If you prefer non-animal-based fillings, opt for comforters and duvets containing hollow fiber.

Move Your Bed Away From The Window

Move Your Bed Away From The Window_Winter Bed Making Tips


Since exterior temperatures can get transferred through glass, it’s best to keep your bed away from the windows. You could also skip lightweight curtains for thicker ones for the cool winter months. Moreover, try to fix gaps in between windows and wall to prevent the cold air from entering your room and cooling the sheets.

Use Heated Mattress Pads Or A Hot Water Bottle/Bag For Extra Warmth

Use Heated Mattress Pads Or A Hot Water Bottle/Bag For Extra Warmth_Winter Bed Making Tips


As a last resort, if you still feel your bed could be warmer, take things up a notch by using heated mattress pads. These are electric pads which can be laid beneath your sheets to warm up your bed. Alternately, try the good old trick of using a hot water bottle/bag that you can snuggle with or keep at your feet to prevent them from going cold.

This season, make your bed winter-ready with these useful tips. We bet, your room will look as good as it is welcoming!


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