April 12, 2019

Presentation is an essential aspect to take note of as you step out of your home and into the corporate world to make your mark in your field. Whether you are a veteran or a rank newcomer, it is important that you dress impeccably to work.

While what you wear to work says a lot about your style and personality, it also represents your firm and its workspace environment. So, even though there is a variety of work attire to choose, which are the preferred ones?

Western Formals

western formals


In most corporate offices, women prefer Western formals like pencil skirts and trousers with blouses. This is the go-to look when you are aiming for a sophisticated and confident vibe.

These business formals, as they are commonly called, are easy to maintain and can be paired with multiple top-wear and accessories. This makes them suitable for hectic workdays where you may not have the time to plan your attire but need to look well dressed.

Another advantage of Western formals is that it suits both formal meetings as well as impromptu gatherings after work hours.

Casual Wear

casual wear


While established firms have dress codes and prefer formal attire, the rise of the start-up culture in the country is witnessing many young employees and entrepreneurs putting more emphasis on comfort than anything else.

You can choose a pair of houndstooth print trousers and team it with a solid black crew-neck tee for a stylish yet comfortable look. If your workspace has a more informal and urban vibe, you can also consider a plaid shift dress with sneakers or lifestyle shoes.

Indian Formal Wear

Indian Formals


Though most working women opt for a casual look, there are those who prefer more formal and elegant wear, like the saree. This beautiful Indian attire can be worn every day to work to give an air of poise and experience. Women on top of the corporate ladder are mostly seen in sarees as it exudes a sense of power and elegance.

While these are the three main types of workwear for Indian women, many factors go into deciding what you wear to work. The first and foremost being comfort. You need to feel comfortable in what you wear during office hours, as you do not want to be left feeling sticky and uncomfortable.

Another factor that plays a key role in the choice of workwear attire is the dress code. If your office has a strict formal dress code, your options are limited to sarees, trousers, skirts, and dress suits.

But this does not necessarily mean having to wear a uniform, for you can add your own unique touch to your dressing style by choosing some statement pieces and accessories. It could be in the form of an elegant, minimalistic brooch for your saree, or a chic printed dress suit paired with metallic shoes.

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