September 5, 2018

Who doesn’t love a good workout? It may be a task to get out there and exercise, but once you do, your mood is instantly uplifted! It could be hitting the gym, going for a run or following a workout routine on YouTube in the comfort of your living room.

And when you’re working out, won’t it be ideal if you looked good doing it too? Not that we’re against going ‘au naturel’, but a little makeup ‘uplift’ wouldn’t hurt. Now, you may be wondering, ‘Won’t makeup run down your sweaty face?’ Well, we thought about that, and have come up with a list of sweat-proof makeup products you can use that will not end up with you looking like a clown out of a circus.

Take a look!

The-Right-Sunscreen_Makeup For Workouts

The Right Sunscreen – Now if you’re workout involves spending time in the great outdoors in broad daylight, you’ve got to stay protected with the right sunscreen. Go for ones that have protection properties that intensify when exposed to water or sweat. And a big no-no: Compact or heavy foundation, as it will make you look all patchy once you start to sweat!

No-Fuss-Mascara_Makeup For Workouts

No-Fuss Mascara – Get your eyelashes all plumped up for your workout selfie! A waterproof one is just the gym product you need. Avoid wearing false eyelashes as it may just slide off your pretty eyes once your workout intensifies!

Non-smudge Eyeliner_Makeup For Workouts

Non-smudge Eyeliner- Give your gym face a hint of definition with waterproof eyeliner. You may feel exhausted within but on the outside you’ll look bright as a daisy! Don’t try to overdo your eye-game with eyeshadow as it will only end up as colourful streaks running down your face!

Concealer That Stays_Makeup For Workouts

Concealer That Stays – Not too happy with those shadows under your eyes? Hide them with a waterproof concealer! And most products work to reduce these dark circles over time, it’s a win-win! Don’t go over the top by contouring as by the end of your workout your face may not look as well defined as you thought!

Natural Lip Balm_Makeup For Workouts

Natural Lip Balm – Your lips need a bit of fussing over. The workout product – lip balm! A colourless one is just the trick. Avoid lipsticks or tinted lip balms as it may get smeared once you start sweating!

If you still want to add a bit of colour to your skin, make sure to go in for sweat control face powder or bb cream for working out. Now go on, get your workout makeup all prepped up!

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