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Your Exfoliation Guide For The Smoothest Skin

October 16, 2021

 Coffee Scrub — For Dead Skin Cells

The Beauty Co Coffee Face Scrub is an all-natural product to exfoliate and boost your skin’s health. The coffee gently removes dead skin and eliminates dirt for an even texture and natural glow.


 Oil-Infused Scrub — For Blackheads

The Kama Ayurveda Face Scrub combines ayurvedic kumkumadi oil with 12 other rare ingredients to give you the most effective way to get rid of blackheads. It not only removes sebum but also dead skin cells to prevent new blackheads from forming.

Exfoliating Mask — For Textured Skin

The Beauty Co Activated Charcoal Mask is a complete skin care solution for textured skin. It smoothes out the rough patches to make your skin shine bright and the activated charcoal draws out impurities.

Anti-Tan Scrub — For Pigmented Skin

The Lakmé De-Tan Scrub is the best shield against sun exposure. Say goodbye to pigmented skin and reduce tan with the effective formulation of oatmeal extract and walnut exfoliant. 


Sugar Scrub — For Tanned Skin

The Arcelia Sugar Body Scrub gives an exquisite exfoliating experience with its finely melted sugar granules. It not just gets rid of dead skin but also has high de-tanning properties revealing bright and radiant skin.

 Creamy Scrub — For Rough Skin

The Arcelia Creamy Body Scrub is the best solution for rough skin with its gentle formula of real rose petals. It melts onto the skin effortlessly, leaving behind a smoother texture.

Chocolate Scrub — For Ingrown Hair

If you’re dealing with ingrown hair, then the Beauty Co Chocolate Body Scrub can be the miracle you need. It effectively deals with dead skin and unclogs pore at a deeper level to help you get rid of ingrown hair over time.

 Natural Scrub — For Sensitive Skin

The Kama Ayurveda Neem Tulsi Body Scrub is the perfect companion for sensitive skin with its organic derivatives from coconut oil and fermented sugar. Tulsi extracts provide the much required therapeutic aroma for sensitive skin.

Scrubbing can be a game changer in your face and body care routine but make sure you’re gentle, not scrubbing more than twice or thrice a week. Start today and witness an immediate skin transformation!

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