September 6, 2021

As the pandemic has forced the entire world to stay at home, it has also inspired us to reimagine our homes not just as places or rest but also aesthetic spaces for rejuvenation, luxury and productivity. Check out the latest home decor trends of 2021 and how you can incorporate these home decor ideas into your living spaces!

Pantone’s colours of the year — a bright yellow and a pale grey come together for a muted yet bright appeal. 


Ivy Ceramic Pentagon Planter 5-inch Black Yellow

The Ivy Ceramic Planter in a gorgeous sunny yellow can add a pop of brightness to any dull spot, be it your coffee table or window.

Ivy Wave Embroidered Cushion Cover

Add some neutral nuance to your decor with the Ivy Embroidered Cushion. The grey wave pattern is understated yet elegant. 

As we spend every waking hour inside, it’s essential to bring the natural outdoor world inside for a fresh vibe. 


Ivy Synthetic Potted Plant Japanese Maple Green

Our best home decor tip? Create a green corner in any living space with the Ivy Japanese Maple Green Plant. It immediately uplifts the vibe of a room for the better, bringing colour and positivity.

Ellementry Ceramic Planter With Stand

The Ellementry Ceramic Planter is the perfect home for your plants with its neutral eggshell shade and the lovely stand detailing. Functional decor at its best!

Bring in that free spirited vibe to your decor with neutral tones, natural materials and design inspired by nature.


Back to Earth Tabletop Vases

One of the best home decor ideas is bringing together rustic and contemporary. We’re doing it with the Back to Earth Vase in a mid-toned wood. It is simple yet makes a statement in style with its unique shape.

Ellementry Mango Wood Notice Board With Clock

Capture all your dreams and travel plans in one spot with the Ellementry Clock and Notice Board with a minimal design that combines utility with aesthetics. 

Ambient lighting to instantly transform the mood of the room, creating space that’s warm and comfortable or made for focus and productivity.


Ellementry Luminaire Terracotta Table Lamp

The Ellementry Lamp adds a warm white glow to your space, making it the perfect reading lamp or a decor piece for some cosy evening lighting.

Ivy Cylindrical Tained Celestial Lamp Silver Grey

The Ivy Cylindrical Lamp is an attention-grabbing piece with its abstract geometrical design and silver grey shade, making it the ideal centerpiece for living rooms.

Home decor trends 2021 are all about bringing a luxurious touch to everyday spaces, especially with vintage and royalty-inspired designs.


Treasures Gold Decorative Leaf Sculpture Stand

A decor piece that can go with any colour palette, the Treasures Gold Sculpture Stand is impossible to miss in its natural gold sheen and intricate detailing.

Treasures Polyresin Timeliness Gold Buddha Figurine

Bring tranquility into your home with the Treasures Gold Buddha Figurine. The brilliant gold colour sets it a step apart from ordinary decor and it can be the statement piece for a spiritual, authentic luxurious space.

This year’s home decor trends are all about making small changes for a big impact and that’s what these decor pieces are all about. Amp up the functionality of your home with every single piece while making a statement in luxury, authenticity and comfort.

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