August 30, 2019

Do you have a lucky shirt that you wear for every job interview? Or a lucky belt that you wear for all your client meetings? Do you believe that these lucky garments bring positivity your way? If your answer is yes, then your zodiac sign is Virgo!

Spotlight On Virgos

Those born between August 23rd and September 22nd fall under the zodiac sign of Virgo. Being an earth sign, most Virgos are known to be rational and practical with an eye for detail. Their close associates will call them simple, modest and down to earth. If you are a Virgo, here are some fashion and home décor tips that will bring out the best in you.

Lucky Colour

The planet Mercury rules Virgo; hence, the lucky colour is pink. Even other pastel shades such as peach, lilac, light blue, light pink and mauve match the calm temperament of a Virgo. Colours such as moss green, bottle green or even green mixed with black have a rejuvenating effect. These shades enable them to maintain their peace of mind. Tones such as brown and grey help them stay focused on tasks.

Colours a Virgo should avoid include red and orange. These warm colours are known to have a negative impact on a Virgo.

Virgo Fashion

Most Virgos prefer classic ensembles over trendy outfits. They try to look neat and poised even in their casual wear. Many Virgo women opt for clothes in pale colours made in fabrics such as cotton, linen and cashmere. They abstain from wearing outfits that are too glitzy and revealing. Dress up like a true Virgo with a linen shirt with straight-cut pants or a pencil skirt to work.

Flowy cotton dresses in pale colours are ideal for a brunch look. Other options include kaftans and an open front cardigan over your casual outfits for a chic look. Neatly wrap around a folded cashmere shawl under a coat on colder days.

Virgo men are usually seen in sophisticated, masculine and classic pieces. Most tend to stick to neutral tones such as white, grey, brown and navy blue. Chinos with a semi-formal shirt is a Virgo man’s go-to date look. When it comes to formal attire, they usually pick shirts in plaid and subtle designs.

A Virgo’s Home

Virgo is a sign often associated with being a perfectionist. Virgos make sure their space is well organised and tidy. These tips turn a house into a home for a Virgo.

  • To prevent clutter, have several racks and tables in your room. This helps to display your collection of books and souvenirs neatly.
  • Choose wall colours in neutral shades such as beige, grey or white. This will have a calming effect on your mind and will keep you optimistic.
  • Vases with colourful flowers are ideal to lift your mood on a dull day. Add them as part of the decor in the hallway or bedrooms.
  • Many Virgos love antique artefacts. If you are one of them, decorate your space with brass, copper and wooden articles.
  • Virgos prefer bright spaces. Hence, lampshades in every corner of the house will create a warm and lively atmosphere.

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